Polygon and the Virtualand metaverse

As you know, today the metaverse and the metaverse lands have been able to change the world around us in an extraordinary way due to its attractiveness and showing a new type of technology, and the more time passes, the more we understand the depth of this fascinating technology until today we see that the company Big companies such as Meta, Virtualland, etc. have grown strangely in the field of Metaverse and are developing their platforms on the basis of Metaverse. You can take pictures of the environment you like with special 360 degree cameras and create a metaverse of that space. All the companies that are in the field of metaverse have their own metaverse lands and start building their projects in these lands, but one of the most extraordinary ones is called Polygon Virtualland, which has been able to create extremely different capabilities. and create a huge transformation in the metaverse and metaverse lands.
Last modified 1yr ago